Banks don't care about you, they always side with scammers

Sean M

Posted on April 29, 2019 2:32 PM

For anyone who really understands cryptocurrency, Central Banking and it's ponzi scheme of printing money not backed by gold or anything tangible is a common theme. However, there is a much bigger theme in modern banking....making the person irresponsible.

Along with cultural irresponsibility taught from a young age, banks teach us financial irresponsibility, when we can spend money and dispute the charges if we don't like what we spent on. This system is setup to make you dependent on banks for your poor financial choices and over time, the bank becomes the police of your money. 

In today's world, you already need to have a bank to get your salary, pay rent, pay for food and fuel and everything else, you have already handed over a massive amount of responsibility to the bank who knows your life better than you, now with dispute resolution you are also giving the bank the power of policing you and punishing you for misbehaving. Sanctions are the same police behavior, just applied to entire countries.

So, the bank wants you to be dependent on them so they can charge you extra fees and control your behavior under the guise of "convenience", what this also does is that it incentivizes scammers to use the easy-dispute policies of the bank to pay you for your crypto and then reverse the payment thus stealing your crypto and your money. 

What's worse is that if you complain to the bank, they will ban you from their services, people with 40 year old bank accounts have been banned from banks for using crypto. What's even worse is that you won't get the money back but the scammer will.

If you think it's unfair, it is. But then banks rely on an average person choosing "convenience" over "responsibility". In this day and age of blockchain and irreversible transactions, banks could just make transactions irreversible thereby making sure that your money and crypto are safe, but they won't, they would rather lose a few good customers and reward scammers to keep the majority of people dependent and irresponsible because that's how banks make money.

Until there is a revolution in this banking scheme of the world, be very careful while utilizing your bank details to sell or buy cryptocurrency. Your bank is basically your enemy disguised as your friend. A policeman who is always looking at your bank account and has power over you because you gave them that power by parking all your money in them. Until they are forced to change, they won't. So, when selling or buying crypto, always use non-banking methods, that is one way to keep yourself safe and to force them to serve you instead of turning you into a slave.

Being banned by PayPal etc is much more preferable to being banned by a bank, there are many companies which offer alternatives to PayPal but all banks are in this ponzi fraud together. Of all the scammers you will come across in your life, Banks are the biggest ones. And the worst as they portray themselves as your friends. 

Most of the people who run the banks of the world aren't your friends, they're your worst enemies.

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"Sanctions are the same police behavior, just applied to entire countries." I like you, Richard G.
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Dude had been putting out fire 🔥 content for a minute now. I think most of the MoonTrade bloggers know what's up.
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This stuff should be printed and posted at every door 👌🏻 👌🏻
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I think the best way to deal with banks is to behave with them like they do with us. Don't tell them anything and if you get scammed either move on or always deny crypto.
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Very true, I was trading on LBC from 2017-2018, it was good till the banks turned on me, freezing my accounts with every transaction. Eventually all of my bank accounts were closed and my cash was kept from me for a very long 7 months.
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Yup. I didn't understand how messed up banks are until crypto. It's like they wanna dictate what we can or can't do with our own money.
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Been there. Not fun. Banks, PayPal, other crypto OTC exchanges they all park your money for 6 months which is a long time in crypto. Glad to have you here.
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You could do cash by mail. MoonTrade allows it.
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This is nice 🙂
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