Introducing Daily Average Price for Bitcoin (12 months)


Posted on October 05, 2019 8:54 AM

Hello MoonTraders!

Beginning today we will be posting Daily Average Pricing for Bitcoin. 
Source: Average across multiple exchanges. 

As part of a longer term strategy to make MoonTrade your source to avoid Bitcoin volatility we will be providing the average price of Bitcoin over the last 365 days for you to peruse so that your business is less affected by speculative trading and your deals are based on a more stable value of Bitcoin. 

2019 October 5 Bitcoin Price (365 Day Average)
Bitcoin Price High Average  (Last 365 Days) - $6848.2585
Bitcoin Price Low Average  (Last 365 Days) - $6543.4328

True Bitcoin Price (Last 365 Days) - $6695.8457

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