5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin without KYC

   Helga S

Posted on August 31, 2019 8:55 PM

If you are new to Bitcoin you would probably have been exposed to various exchanges and services that allow you to buy Bitcoin. And all of these require you to submit ID, with MoonTrade you don't have to give ID to get Bitcoin you can use the following 5 most popular ways to buy Bitcoin

  1. Cash Deposit : Cash Deposit at a Bank is the simplest way to buy Bitcoin, you open a trade by clicking on the "Buy" tab, the seller gives you his bank account number and name on account, you go to his bank and deposit cash using the details. The seller confirms the funds, and releases Bitcoin to you, you just bought Bitcoin, simple.
  2. Cash by Mail : Cash by mail is another simple way to buy Bitcoin, open a trade with someone selling Bitcoin using Cash by Mail method by filtering in "Payment Methods" on MoonTrade, the trader will send you his mailing address, you put cash in an envelope, wrap it well, mail it to the seller and upload tracking and the seller will release the Bitcoin to you as soon as he receives the cash.
  3. Zelle : Zelle is a way to send money to people from your bank account using their email or phone number, it is instant most of the time and the seller will release Bitcoin to you as soon as he gets the funds. 
  4. Bank Transfer : Bank Transfer is a domestic or internation transfer using the details of the seller's bank to send the money you need, usually completes in a few hours and is a simple way to get Bitcoin. Due to the nature of it being more complicated than Zelle sellers usually require a higher minimum amount to offer a bank transfer. 
  5. Cash : Good old fashioned cash is the best way to exchange Bircoin if you find a seller in your area, find a seller offering it near you, meet them in a safe public space and exchange cash for Bitcoin.

These are just 5 ways out of the many you can buy Bitcoin without having to submit ID and make some lasting relationships in the bargain. 

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