Peer2Peer Now Supports Lightning Network


Posted on May 24, 2020 7:30 AM

What is Lightning?

If you’re new to Bitcoin, you may have noticed that when sending money to someone else using Bitcoin, it takes a long time (20 minutes to hours) and the fees are expensive $5 - $50.

This makes It impractical for daily transactions, you can’t sit around and wait 20 minutes to buy a burger while your transaction is confirmed can you?

With the Lightning network you fill up your Bitcoin Lightning wallet (Available on iOS, Android and computers) with as much funds as you like, then you send them to whoever you want to (they should also have a Lightning wallet) and the funds arrive in SECONDS!

What’s more... your fees are ZERO or like $0.00000001 per transaction. Basically free.

So now, you can use Bitcoin as it was meant, to TRULY send money FAST and FREE in seconds. 

And of all the exchanges, is the FIRST TO SUPPORT LIGHTNING! 

You can now deposit and withdraw via Lightning in seconds! No more wait times in hours and hours. 

So go check it out, register on today to buy or sell Bitcoin that supports Lightning... or if you are already a MoonTrader, test out the Lightning feature by depositing some Bitcoin from a Lightning wallet.

Be a part of the revolution, Experience Lightning.

To read more about Lightning check out the article below:
To signup for, click the link below:

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