What is True Bitcoin? 


Posted on October 11, 2019 10:40 AM

True Bitcoin (TBTC) is the average of the last 365 Days of Bitcoin's value..

Due to the very volatile nature of Bitcoin, carrying out business deals, buying and selling things and real estate is very risky for both parties as Bitcoin has wild price swings every day due to speculators. True Bitcoin averages the average daily price of Bitcoin over the last 365 days which tends to have less than 0.0015% volatility daily. 

This makes True BTC an excellent option to buy, trade or put your savings in Bitcoin while saving yourself from volatility and risk e.g. over the last 365 Days (From Oct 10 2018-Oct 10 2019) Bitcoin has seen a high of $13500+ and a low of $3000+ but the average has steadily remained between $6700 and $6800.

When you carry out trades using TBTC you don’t have to stress or worry about daily, weekly or even monthly volatility, you are protected from losses by its very stability.

You can buy or sell TBTC using the buy sell pages.

You can also open a support ticket if you would like to receive 1 TBTC as an early adopter. 

While finalizing the blockchain, we will be working on a mechanism to convert your TBTC to many other cryptos such as BTC, USDT, ETH etc. Please have patience and do not try to withdraw TBTC. Remember True Bitcoin is to protect your savings from volatility, if you need to spend or utilize your crypto holdings we recommend just using Bitcoin and being at the mercy of the market.

Compared to Bitcoin, your True Bitcoin holdings will not be volatile.

(This piece will be updated as we release more info, please see FAQ for further questions about TBTC)

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