BTC Withdrawal Fees Drop

Helga S   

Posted on June 10, 2019 8:58 AM

Hey MoonTraders!

BTC is going up! And unlike other exchanges which are greedy, we are not, so....MoonTrade BTC withdrawal fees have just dropped!

Our fees fall in a range to cover both high and low network traffic but this will be an overall drop for all levels of withdrawal fees. 

Eventually, we aim to eliminate or put the withdrawal fees close to zero so you can freely deposit and withdraw without worries. As it is, we do not have any deposit fees.

Also, a quick note to traders posting ads, please make sure that you have sufficient balance in your BTC and XRP wallets for any trades you post. At some point, we will have to start managing the amount of ads posted and at that time you will have to have the minimum amount of crypto in your wallet so people can open your ad. This will be done to reduce spam and give users a better experience, no one wants to try to open a trade with a seller and get an "Insufficient Funds" error! =)

Until next time, Happy Trading!

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legit. that's really cool
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The fees are described in the FAQ: Withdrawal Fees: MoonTrade withdrawal fees are dynamic and fall in a range as follows: BTC- 0.0001 to 0.0005 depending on network.
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